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Building an active and engaged audience does not have to be hard on LinkedIn. The key is patience, consistency, and relevance. Here are 7 tested ways to create a stronger LinkedIn presence: ​

  1. Build a content library of useful content to share. This can be company marketing content, industry articles, blog posts / videos / podcasts, etc. Post what is interesting and relevant for your audience.

  2. Post consistently. Make it a habit by creating a schedule so that you have a regular cadence to your posts. You do not have to do this every day, but consistency over time leads to higher engagement.

  3. Write creative blurbs to go with your posts. LinkedIn posts are meant to be short and easy to read. Short summaries of content you share gets higher engagement & views than simply posting a link.

  4. Capture interest with the first line of your post. It is like an email subject line, it is the first thing people will read when scrolling through posts. Hook the reader to read more of your post and engage.

  5. Imagines of your posts matter. Posts that show people in imagines tend to feel more personal and drive more engagement. Be a tough critic and if an image does not show well, do not use it or find a better image.

  6. Tag colleagues on your posts to drive higher engagement. Be careful to do so sparingly though. Only apply this tactic for you most important posts so you do not annoy your network.

  7. Include hashtags in your posts! Hashtags are ways of categorizing your posts. Include five to seven hashtags relevant to your post, but don’t just post any hashtags. Target hashtags that have at least several thousand followers. If you need help finding the best hashtag to use, download the handy list of the top 1000+ hashtags to use on LinkedIn.

Enjoy and may you have awesome success building your audience!


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